Harvest thoughts in St Chad’s Community Wildlife Garden

When we first began to develop our Community Wildlife garden here at St. Chad’s we wanted to create a space that would help us to reflect on the beautiful, complex and fragile planet that we have inherited. From the very early stages of planning and creating the garden we began to see that it could become an important part of our Christian witness here at St. Chad's.

We have found that the garden reminds us of our earth and all that has gone before us. This makes us mindful of our responsibility to pass on this heritage to future generations. It has helped us to become more aware of God’s creative and generous nature, within the continual round of seed-time and harvest. It has helped us to understand that we rely on the powers and forces of God’s creation for our life and for our well-being. Within our garden space we have also developed a safe and nurturing environment to sustain a myriad of fellow creatures, co-habiting peacefully within this inner city environment.  This ensures that we also have in mind the need to take care of our whole planet, with a far greater myriad of creatures and plant life.

Our garden has therefore become, not a withdrawal or retreat from the city, but a different sort of sacred space to compliment the sacred space of our church building. We hope to share our garden and our thinking with other churches, with local school children, and with other community groups. In this way we can continue on our journey of discovery.