Sunday Table
8th December 2019
5:00pm- 6:30pm
All-age - designed to be welcoming and hospitable for children, young people and adults alike; not “children’s church” but all ages contributing, leading, and learning. Some aspects may be more child-orientated, some more adult-orientated but we commit to worshipping, praying and learning together.

Creative - gatherings use our various senses to engage in worship, prayer and learning; we use our artistic abilities and explore untapped abilities to produce creative responses to what we hear, see and learn.

Hospitable - we all eat together, we share the bringing and preparing of food as we’re able; we receive the service of others and offer a welcome to all.

Reflective – we provide space for quiet and silence, invite people to ask questions and share insights; we take time, not rushing our prayer and learning.

Celebratory – we give thanks in prayer and song, celebrate each other’s experiences, insights and achievements; we have fun and laugh.

Learning together – through discussion, dialogue, creativity. We don't just have one person teaching; we believe all have insights, questions and challenges to offer.

Collaborative – all are invited to contribute as time goes on through bringing food, leading a prayer, lighting candles, teaching a song, leading discussion, providing a creative activity.

Rooted in our tradition; willing to innovate - we draw on the structures, habits, symbols and words of our Anglican tradition but incorporate those from other traditions too. We are open to using new forms and language which is relevant to our lives and contexts, and faithful to scripture and our inherited traditions.
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