Advent course
10th December 2018
7:30pm- 9:00pm
Discussing Rowan Williams' book "Being Human: Bodies, Minds, Persons". In the vestry. Three meetings in Advent; may continue in the New Year.

From the Church Times review:

In this remarkable volume, suitable for a wide readership, Rowan Williams ... offer[s] a fine set of reflections on the Christian understanding of what it means to be a human person.

Williams’s characteristic stylistic tendencies to courtesy, caution, and circumspection strike an apposite note for a Church whose humanism is under scrutiny. For example, the pugnacious David Bentley Hart writes that the offerings of the hyper-Darwinist, materialist philosopher Daniel Dennett on the subject of consciousness are “utterly inconsequential . . . in fact . . . something of an embarrassment”. For the gentle Williams, on the same subject, Dennett is “a philosopher for whom I have a great deal of respect” — he doesn’t quite tell us why. One senses, however, that Williams, no less than Hart, is aware of a danger that “a culture that has become truly post-Christian will also, ultimately, become posthuman.”
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