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Is St Chad’s church building an asset or a liability? Does it help the church achieve as much as it could in Ladybarn, or does it get in the way? Is it a millstone or a springboard?

The Community Hall is well used by a wide variety of groups which benefit the local community, which also helps keep St Chad’s financially viable! Some hall facilities have been updated and we plan to do more in the next year or so. The Community Orchard and Wildlife Garden have greatly improved the church grounds.

Now the congregation and Church Council are beginning to think about how the church building can better serve Ladybarn. The first thing we need to think about is making worship appealing and relevant. The new Sunday Table gathering on the second Sunday of each month is an informal service especially suitable for families with young children.

But what about rest of the week? St Chad’s church building is the largest covered, dry and heated space in the area so how can it be made more usable? We have use it as a cafe and hosted meetings too large for the Hall. We would like to do more of this but the building is not helpful – no kitchen or toilets, unsuitable furniture, poor lighting and is very hard to heat in cold weather.

Please take a few minutes to help us work out what would be best for Ladybarn and St Chad’s by giving your answers to a few questions. You can print a copy of the questionnaire here or complete it online below.

Questions 2 to 11 are asking 

How can our building be made ... 

More inviting, attractive and interesting on the outside?

and so on

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