Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2014

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on Sunday 23 March after the Parish Eucharist.  Various related documents such as the Annual Report will uploaded here in due course.  This is the timetable leading up to the meeting: 

Sunday 26 January:    Notice given of February PCC meeting; contributions to Annual (text) Report requested from church groups:
    Churchwardens on fabric
    Deanery Synod Representatives on Synod proceedings
    Green group
    Ladies' Group
    Book Group
    Needlecraft group
    Plus others I have missed!  
    I will extract contributions from PCC subcommittees from the PCC minutes
Tuesday 28 January:    Agenda for February PCC meeting circulated (ideally, but in any case, not later than Sunday 2 February)
Tuesday 4 February:    PCC considers draft Annual Report (both financial details and draft text)
Sunday 16 February:    Notices re annual meetings, nomination forms &c. posted in church Notice of revision of Electoral Roll posted
Sunday 23 February:    Agenda for March PCC meeting distributed, including Annual Report (text and financial) Closing date for contributions to the Annual (text) Report from groups
Saturday 1 March:    Closing date for applications to be on the Electoral Roll
Sunday 2 March:        Revised Electoral Roll displayed in church
Tuesday 4 March:    PCC considers Annual Reports, financial and text
Sunday 16 March:    Annual Report available in church
Sunday 23 March:    APCM

Leslie Fletcher
PCC Secretary