How can I help?

How can I help with the Stewardship Campaign?

Our stewardship campaign, which takes place from 9 – 30 June, is getting closer! The Stewardship Team have been working hard making plans to ensure a successful campaign. Now we need more help with the key tasks of the campaign.

Delivering campaign packs

Everyone connected with St Chad's will receive an individually addressed pack explaining what the Stewardship Campaign is about, how St Chad's will benefit and how they can help the Church's mission in Ladybarn. Giving the packs to recipients in person is the most effective way of communicating the stewardship message to them; volunteers are needed to do this. Experience from churches across the country shows how absolutely vital such personal contact is to the success of a stewardship campaign.

The Diocesan Stewardship Advisor recommends that each volunteer delivers no more than five packs. The Stewardship Team has identified about 100 people who have some connection with St Chad's so about 20 volunteers are required. The Stewardship Team and PCC members will supply about a dozen of these so around 8 more are needed.

After the Parish Eucharist on May 5 there will be a session to give more detail about what is involved and discuss how this important task can best be carried out. Increasing our income is a key element of the Stewardship Campaign so how we approach this will be part of the discussion.

Making up campaign packs

Volunteers are needed to make up 100 or so campaign packs by putting six or so different items into into individually addressed envelopes. This is planned for the evening of Wednesday 29 May and, as it is a rather tedious task, nice refreshments will be provided.

Opening the Church throughout the campaign

Following up a suggestion made at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, it is planned to have the Church open at some time every day of the three-week campaign. Volunteers are needed throughout this period to staff the Church and look after any visitors. Suggestions of activities to bring in visitors would be very welcome.

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